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ECU Academic Staff

Board Members

  • Mr Larry Lopez, Chair, Australian Venture Consultants
  • Dr Tom Shannon, Urologist, Hollywood Private Hospital
  • Professor Anna Nowak, Medical Oncologist, University of Western Australia
  • Professor Paul Lavery, School of Science, Edith Cowan University
  • Ms Anne Elam, Consumer Representative, Vario Health Clinic

Adjunct Staff

Doctoral Candidates

  • Mr Oliver Schumacher (PhD) - Exercise Oncology
  • Mr Aaron Balloch (PhD) - Exercise and Sports Science
  • Mr Jason Weber (PhD) - Exercise and Sports Science
  • Miss Emily Jeffery (PhD) - Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Mrs Christelle Schofield (MSc) - Exercise Oncology
  • Mr Hao Luo (PhD) - Exercise Oncology
  • Mr Jin-Soo Kim (PhD) - Exercise Oncology
  • Mr Pedro Lopez Da Crux (PhD), Exercise Oncology
  • Mr Kedar Deshpande (PhD), Exercise Medicine
  • Miss Yang Li (PhD), Exercise Medicine
  • Miss Min-Jyue Huang (PhD), Exercise Medicine

Business Manager

  • Ms Catherine Bell

Research Coordinators

Administrative Staff

  • Mrs Audrey Cox
  • Mrs Jackie Gilbert

Exercise Physiologists

Spinal Cord Injury Australia - NeuroMoves  Clinic

  • Ms Jessica Barclay
  • Mr Joel Latham
  • Mr Nate Worthy
  • Mr Daley Peters
  • Ms Hayley Paterson
  • Mr  Vishaan Devchand
  • Mr Marco Kapp


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