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NEW PROJECT: Evaluating the Impact of the IOC Sports Medicine Statements on Olympic Athlete Health and Wellbeing

Monday, 06 May 2019


The ACRISP team is busy in 2019 working on a major new project funded by the International Olympic Committee. ECU are the project lead (Dr Lauren Fortington, Professor Caroline Finch AO) bringing together a dream team from international partner institutions in South Africa (Professor Wayne Derman, Prof Martin Schwellnus), the Netherlands (Professor Evert Verhagen) and Canada (Professor Carolyn Emery and Dr Kati Pasanen).

Phase One of the project is under way and involves a detailed citation analysis of key resources. We have been lucky to recruit Dr Rebecca Handcock to take a lead role in the analysis of this phase. Later in the year, Dr Lauren Fortington, Ms Marelise Badenhorst and Dr Caroline Bolling will begin an in-depth case study of resource use in South Africa and Australia. We will introduce Marelise and Caroline in our next update.

Dr Handcock is a geographer and data scientist in the areas of spatial analysis, remote sensing, and bibliometrics. Her published research focuses on monitoring environmental and agricultural landscapes across scales. She specializes in quantifying and visualising patterns, ranging from water and vegetation to animal movement data. Dr Handcock has recently joined the ACRISP team after leading the last two rounds of the Excellence in Research for Australia research quality assessment. This follows a decade as a Senior Research Scientist with CSIRO, after moving back to Australia from the University of Washington. Her Masters and PhD are from the University of Toronto.


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