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Conferences and keynotes

Monday, 03 December 2018


Conferences and keynote addresses

For more information on the following recent talks, please contact

Sri Lankan Sports and Exercise Medicine Conference (SLSEM2018)

Colombo, Sri Lanka

  • Keynote address: Impact and innovation – prevention, mission possible? Why is it important prevent injuries. Finch: Invited keynote speaker
  • Workshop: injury surveillance – avoiding common pitfalls to maximise its value. Finch: Invited workshop
  • Monitoring cricketers for heat stress and exposure during test-cricket play: a pilot study. Gamage, Fortington, Finch
  • Perceived injury risk among junior cricketers in Sri Lanka: A cross sectional survey. Gamage, Fortington, Finch (best paper award)
  • Junior cricketers’ perceptions of the risk of heat illness when playing cricket. Gamage, Fortington, Finch

2018 ASICS Sports Medicine Conference

Perth, WA

  • Sports injury prevention: how far have we come, and where are we going?           Finch: Invited keynote speaker
  • Injury surveillance – systems and tools to facilitate success. Finch: Invited keynote speaker
  • Between a rock and a hard place: A need for combat sport organisations to make injury prevention a priority. Bromley, Drew, Talpey, Finch
  • Knowledge of automated external defibrillators (AED) among Victorian community sports clubs/facilities in an AED provision program. Fortington, Morgan, West, Finch
  • Match injuries among junior male cricketers in Sri Lanka. Gamage, Fortington, Kountouris, Finch
  • Injuries in organised community level cricket, how much do we know? A systematic review. McLeod, O’Connor, Morgan Kountouris, Finch, Fortington
  • Paddling through the unknown: a 3-year prospective study investigating injury in elite sprint kayak. Toohey, Drew, Cook, Finch, Fortington

Australian Epidemiology Association 2018 Conference

Fremantle, WA

  • What can existing data tell us about Australian sport fatalities? Fortington, Kucera, Finch

International Collaborative Effort on Injury Statistics and Methodology

Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Subsequent injury classification - a revised framework for sports injury. Fortington, Toohey, Drew, Cook, Finch

Safety 2018

Bangkok, Thailand

  • Are sport related fatalities identifiable from existing data sources? Fortington, Kucera, Wolff, Marshall, Finch

2018 Annual IOC Research Centres Meeting

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

  • ACRISP Annual Update. Finch, Cook: Invited address
  • The reach, adoption and implementation of the various IOC Medical Consensus statements – a collaboration across four of the current centres. Finch: Invited address

2018 International Conference of Strength Training

Perth, WA

  • Keynote address: Injury Perspectives: incorporating strength training approaches into implementable injury prevention practices. Finch: Invited keynote speaker

International Federations Medical Commission Chairpersons Meeting

Lausanne, Switzerland

  • Implementing change. Finch: Invited address


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