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Australian Centre for Research into Injury in Sport and its Prevention

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About us

The Australian Centre for Research into Injury in Sport and its Prevention (ACRISP) is nationally and internationally renowned for its strong focus in creating new knowledge, translating its research into evidence-based outcomes, improving clinical practice with demonstrable impacts on safer sports behaviours and environments.

The research undertaken by ACRISP members aims to support all forms of sport, exercise, fitness and physical activity being undertaken with minimal risk of injury – ensuring more people have the opportunity for sustained healthier lifestyles.

ACRISP research seeks to ensure more people can enjoy sustained participation and performance in their chosen sport or fitness activities because it will be safer for them to do so.

ACRISP’s scope of inquiry includes all those involved in sport, from the participants themselves (professional, amateur and recreational) through to those who support those participants (medical practitioners, clubs and sporting facilities, peak sports bodies, government agencies).


ACRISP-ECU research is focused on epidemiology of sports injury and translation and implementation research. The ACRISP-ECU team is led by Dr Lauren Fortington. Please contact for further information.


Designated by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), ACRISP is one of ten groups of research excellence, acknowledged to have the abilities and expertise to do research that can have a real impact on sport injuries.

“With its centres of excellence, the IOC is saying that remaining injury free is just as important as performing well. We were chosen as a centre because of our expertise in maximising the uptake of injury prevention strategies and understanding why people do not always adopt them.”
Professor Caroline Finch, Director-ACRISP

The ACRISP-IOC team is led by Professor Caroline Finch and Professor Jill Cook. Please direct queries to ACRISP-ECU initially.

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