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The EMRI team at the Asian Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference in Melbourne

Friday, 01 September 2017


The team from the Exercise Medicine Research Institute presented at the 18th Asia-Pacific Prostate Cancer Conference in Melbourne.  The team also delivered workshops in how exercise is medicine in the treatment of prostate cancer.  The team’s clinical oncology work focuses on the ability of exercise to change tumour biology as a mechanism to interfere with tumour formation, growth and invasion in advanced prostate and breast cancer patients with bone metastatic lesions.

They are also examining the safety and efficacy of delivering targeted exercise directly to lesion sites in these populations, with the aim to provide meaningful improvements to the health, well-being and survivorships of men and women with cancer.  They are leading a series of pilot trials to quantify the effect of targeted exercise to bones with cancerous tumours in advanced prostate cancer patients with sclerotic lesions, and advanced breast cancer patients with osteolytic lesions.


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